Are your guitars really entirely hand-made?
Yes. We do all rough and meticulous work on all guitars by hand. From the woodworking, through bridges and pickups to the hard-cases. This is what makes all Fibenare guitars unique and unrepeatable.

Fibenare…Do you make your instruments of fiber-glass or something?
No. Fibenare is a puzzle world from a Hungarian sentence that says: Sons of Benedek and Clare. So the name is dedicated to our parents, there is no connection to fiber reinforced materials.

Do you make left-handed instruments?
Yes. Lefties are available option for all of our guitars & basses with no upcharge.

Do you make seven-string guitars?
Yes. Even 8-strings. All guitar models are available with this option at extra charge.

What is conical fretboard radius?
Conical fretboard radius is a non-constant radius on the fretboard. The nut and the bridge has different radiuses, if you want to follow the change of the radius on the fretboard you have to make a conical shape. Only conical fretboard allows perfect action setting on the instrument, besides it allows wilder bendings on the guitar.

Where can I try a Fibenare guitar?
Please contact our nearest dealer to you. Also we exhibit on the largest music exhibitions (NAMM, MESSE etc.) where all of our models can be tried. If you’re near to our workshop, you can call us on our cells.

Do you offer a workshop tour?
We work on a virtual workshop tour on our site.

What kind of nuts do you use?
We use brass nuts. These give the best lubrication and sustain for the strings.

Do you have a chart of the colors you offer for your guitars?
We did, but it’s easier to say: we can do Any Colour You Like!

What kind of bridges do you offer on your guitars?
Default bridge on all guitars is our Wraparound bridge, but there are a couple of other bridges you can choose. Please visit ’options’ sub-menu in ’support’. For the basses we use our Twin bridge.

Is a piezo option available?
Yes, please visit ’options’ sub-menu in ’support’

What neck profiles/dimensions do you use?
Please visit ’options’ sub-menu in ’support’

What fret sizes do you offer?
Please visit ’options’ sub-menu in ’support’

Do you offer custom inlays?
Yes. Only your imagination sets the limit for it.

Can I order a guitar from your workshop directly?
If you don’t have a distributor in your country we can deliver instruments to you. Shipping and insurance costs will charge the buyer.

Can I order something for my guitar that’s not included in the options?
Yes. This way you order a custom shop ’Unique’ from us. Everything is possible here.

Why don’t you have prices shown on the website?
As the shipping costs, customs and taxes varies from country to country, it is impossible to show an exact price-list on the website. If you don’t have a dealer near enough, please send us an e-mail and we can give you a price.

Can I order another manufacturers’ copy from you?
No. We do not make any copies of other makers. But we do make custom shop instruments that can handle every wish.


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