Fibenare Guitars are on the Holy Grail Guitar Show in Berlin!

2018-01-09 21:53:21

Come see the most beautiful guitars in the world!

See, feel, touch, hear, play! Listen, get the music, climb the mountain, come see the glory!

“The Holy Grail Guitar Show is a singular opportunity to experience a superb collection of exquisite instruments – the first European guitar show where you can meet the world’s top makers, try out their creations and maybe even walk away with the instrument of your dreams. For your pleasure we have assembled an international cast of luthiers, from the traditional to the avant-garde, from premier established builders with waiting lists as long as your arm, to newcomers bursting onto the scene with new ideas and fresh takes on what a guitar can be. Come and enjoy this treat – all guitar lovers are welcome!Bring your wallet!

Over 110 exhibitors will display their instruments in two large halls. The luthiers each will be present at their table to answer questions, demonstrate the instruments, and also to take orders or conduct sales. To help reduce the overall volume amplified testing and demonstrations of guitars are not allowed at the tables (only with headphone amps). A number of test cabins are available for testing, they are equipped with classic amps (electric, acoustic, bass) as well as without amps for classical guitars.”


November 15th and 16th, 2014 in BERLIN

At the ESTREL Hotel and Convention Center

See the location at Google Maps


Saturday 11-18

Sunday 10-17

Fibenare Guitars are on the Holy Grail Guitar Show in Berlin!

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