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Mr. John Rusco Head of Rock Nation Music Shcool, owner of a custom Erotic Eagle.
Mr. Jacques-Andre Dupont Organizer of the Montreal Guitar Show, very good host!
Mr. Paul R Sanchez Designer of Red Iron Amps.
Mr. Terry Buddingh Our best friend in San Francisco, “brick” in Guitar World. Great player, great man. (plus he really likes pálinka)
Mr. Rick Batey Our friend at Guitar & Bass.
Mr. Wes Fleming Our friend at Gear-Page.
Mr. Gary Ciocci Our friend at Guitar Player.
Mr. Barry Cleveland Our friend at Guitar Player.
Mr. Kostas Paraskevas Real guitar hero in Greece. Proud owner of the first ever custom shop Dragon guitar.
Mr. Sándor Szabó Acoustic and electric guitars of many strings are welcomed.
Mr. Remo Andrásik The best teacher of guitar in Hungary.
Mr. Bob Stevens – Old Dog LLC Head of the best standmaker: Old Dog!
Mr. Roy Blankenship – Blankenship Amps The designer, and head of Blankenship Amps.
Mr. Uwe Salvender – Glockenklang Amps

 Partners & Friends

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