Fibenare Co. is the Guitar Manufactory of the Benedek Brothers,
where besides them the parents have played a very important role as well.
It is shown also in the name of the firm, which came from the words:
“sons of Benedek and Clare”.
Birth of the company

We have to go back to the 80’s in Hungary. The Benedek Family is a family of musicians. All family members have studied classical music for several years in their hometown Kecskemét. Kecskemét is a well-known town all over the world thanks to its tradition of musical education and Zoltán KODÁLY (more than in 50 countries use his method of musical education).
When we (the three brothers: Attila, Csaba & Árpád) grew older we were increasingly interested in rock, blues and jazz music, and electric guitars became the most important for us. But these musical instruments were very expensive at that time, and good ones were almost impossible to find (you probably know: in Hungary you could not get any Gibson or Fender guitars because of the iron curtain) – besides, three guitars were needed at the same time. This is why our father József Benedek urged us to start making our own guitars. This was about in 1990.

Manufacturing the guitars

As we played our self-made guitars interest focused on them. This ended up in making guitars not just for ourselves but for other guitarists too. Guitar production resulted in a lot of experiments, some failures, but later more and more success. The guitars were initially used by the friends, later also professional musicians bought them, and the guitars gained a very good reputation. The hobby activity became professional.
Parallelly with this the quality of the guitars continuously improved, and we worked out our production processes, technologies, procurement resources, but manual fabrication remained. It was time to make a profession of this. Fibenare Guitars Co. was established in 1998.
Nowadays four people work on the guitars, we use the latest technologies and keep traditional manual working for rough and fine work too. Thus Fibenare models have an individual sound in a unique design. From the beginning of getting the most adequate wood till the final step of the right strings, we take care of every little detail. The bridges, electronics and pickups are designed and produced by Fibenare itself.

The exhibitions

In the early years Fibenare Guitars were exhibited on the biggest Hungarian shows (like Music Expo, Wanted-fest, Hang-fest) and during the largest guitar-camp called Guitarmania. Fibenare is still present on the largest music expo in Hungary called Hangfoglalas.
In 2003 we were strong enough to exhibit on the largest expo in Europe Frankfurt MUSIKMESSE. People can find us there every spring since then.
One step foreward was the first exhibition on Winter NAMM show in 2007. We presentate our guitars there every year since then, and happy to have a good reputation.
In 2009 we started to exhibit on the Montreal Guitar Show and we do it since.
You can find Fibenare Guitars stand on some of the national exhibitions in Europe (like in HUVEL in Czech republic or London Guitar Show in England, the Fuzz Guitar Show in Sweden) and in America (Dallas Guitar Show) as well thanks for our fine dealers.
If you ever visit us we are happy to show you our instruments and have a nice talk or a cup of coffee.

The company philosophy of Fibenare Guitars Co.

“Constructing and manufacturing
high-grade quality hand-crafted guitars
to create an individual world of sound.”

Who are we?

Attila Benedek
Csaba Benedek
Árpád Benedek


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